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Commercial property inspections are important for clients seeking to understand the physical condition of a property they may be purchasing, leasing, or maintaining. Our building inspections are an important building block in providing proper due diligence in your commercial real estate transaction.


A pre-purchase building inspection is an important piece of any due diligence process associated with a property transaction. Part of the Due Diligence process is identifying liabilities of the physical condition of the property. Due Diligence reports provide commercial clients the information they need to make appropriate and informed investment decisions.

Our baseline commercial inspections cover almost all the bases, including the following: 

  • Site characteristics (paving and utilities)

  • Structural frame and building envelope

  • Mechanical and electrical systems

  • Plumbing systems

  • Heating and Cooling

  • Ventilation systems

  • Roofing

  • Vertical transportation (elevators, lifts)

  • Safety and fire protection

  • Interior elements

Following the building inspection, a professionally written commercial inspection report including a listing of our observations, conclusions, and suggested actions is provided. The inspection report is narrative in format and is accompanied by photographs documenting the condition of the property.


For net or triple net leasing, it is essential to assess and document existing conditions during any point in time of the lease term to establish the baseline condition of the property.

For Leasee/Tenants/Buyers:

It is not unusual for landlord/tenant disputes to arise at the end of the lease over discrepancies regarding the property condition or maintenance during the term of the lease.  Often, claims are made by the landlord that the tenant has not properly exercised sufficient or adequate preventative maintenance resulting in excess physical deterioration or system failure within the building. It is imperative to perform appropriate due diligence by surveying, inspecting, and documenting the physical conditions of major systems and components prior to, during, or at the end of any building lease agreement.

For Building Owners/Managers:

Deferred maintenance occurs when businesses and tenants do not perform necessary routine preventive maintenance and repairs to building systems and components. Premature deterioration of components can occur by the end of the lease term resulting in costly repairs and replacement. The inspection and report assess and documents the condition of the building and components.  We can also provide remaining useful life of building components and cost estimates to repair or replace building components.

The net lease building inspection can be customized to meet any requirement including any and all of the major components of baseline building inspection to properly document the component's condition and functionality.

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