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New Construction: Welcome

Building or buying a new construction home is an extremely fun and rewarding endeavor. It also is much more stressful than you would think. It is extremely important to surround yourself with unbiased professionals to protect your large investment.

You would be surprised at the things we often find at a new home inspection.  Just because a house is new does not mean it's perfect. A new house is not a perfect house! It's important to find any issues on the inside, so you can get your builder to repair them before they become your responsibility.

We recommend and offer three inspection services for new construction, all based around the elements in our standard home inspection:


We believe the Pre-Dry Wall Inspection is one of the most important inspections we perform.  This is the only time we can see inside the walls. What a great opportunity to see what kind of job the builder is doing! Wiring, HVAC Ducting and Plumbing, and Structural Framing details are accessible at this stage and never again!

One issue we see on a very consistent basis in pre-dry wall inspections is improperly installed HVAC duct work and fixtures that prevents or reduces the flow of air.  This is the only opportunity available to correct issues within the wall, floor, and ceiling cavities.  This not only effects the comfort of your living space but the structural integrity of your home.  Many of the major structural deterioration issues we find with existing homes can be traced back to improperly installed or poorly functioning ventilation systems.


This is an inspection service that protects your interest as a new homebuyer by making you aware of any existing issues before a transaction is final.  We will conduct our complete home inspection before the builder’s final walkthrough, gathering information about potential mistakes that occurred over the course of the build so that you know what to address with the builder before closing.

Common issues we find during this New Construction inspection are:

Non-functioning electrical outlets and switches

Non-functioning or improperly installed appliances

Improperly installed roofing

Improperly grading of the lot/land

Poor Insulation

Small plumbing leaks

Unsealed Windows and Doors

Improperly Installed Venting/Duct lines. 

Structural defects in the foundation and framing


As many issues with a new home will not stand out to owners during the early months of new home ownership, we will again conduct a complete home inspection.  If your builder offers a warranty, our report will give them a list of things that need to be repaired. It can save you thousands! 

This inspection service should be scheduled prior to the warranty on your new home expires, leaving time to schedule repairs if necessary while the original builder’s warranty is still active.  This will help ensure you won’t be left paying for something that should have been covered by your warranty.

We do offer each of these three inspections individually are as a discounted bundled package at the time of the Pre-Dry Wall Inspection.

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