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Are Home Inspections Truly A Great Investment?

In our opinion, a home inspection is one of the best investments anyone can make. Whether that be a buyer's home inspection or a sellers home inspection. It always seem the return on investment is greater than 100%. Sometimes much greater. We don't know of an investment that offers those kinds of returns on an almost consistent basis. Here is a great but simple and basic example. Had this 2019 home been inspected at the time of construction, this siding issue could have been prevented, saving the homeowner or buyer several thousand dollars. Take a look below...

At Spectris we treat our clients like friends and family and try to not just point out the negative issues of a home, but the positive items as well. In this case we had the opportunity to do both with multiple homes at the same time. A 1968 and 2018 home with proper siding installation and a 2019 construction with improper siding installation.

Had the 2019 home been inspected at the time of construction this would have been a minor expense to the siding contractor for a drip ledge install. Now it will be a multi-thousand dollar repair expense to the homeowner or buyer.

Home Inspections are truly a great investment!! In today’s construction and labor environment, we can’t stress enough the importance of getting an inspection on new construction.


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