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Moisture, Moisture, Moisture! It can destroy your home.

One issue we consistently find during our routine Home Inspections is too much moisture in the crawlspace and basement areas of home.

There are many reasons we find in our Home Inspections including an improperly graded building lot, inadequate or improperly installed gutter drain systems and foundation drains, leaks from a bathroom above, leaks in the foundation wall, or just moisture evaporating from the ground.

Regardless of the cause, the resulting issues can be a significant problem as well as a significant expense to repair. Issues range from mold growth, to sagging floors, to the complete loss of the structural integrity of the home. And the issues and repair expense are significantly increased if the moisture is causing the out rim joist to decay.

These issues are usually not in obvious site often hidden behind insulation and/or in the crawlspace. Whether your are buying or selling home or not, it's ultimately important to identify and correct moisture issues that may be effecting the structural integrity of your home before it is too late.

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